20 Hygiene Must Pack Hygiene Products You May Need to Make Your Trip Successful Whether on Budget Safari or Luxury

Most of the times, there are certain things we take for granted. Recently I slept in a luxury hotel and time came to move. I didn’t have time to go and pass by the shopping mall and so the only option was to pack some of the things this hotel had put in my room for me to use. My friend laughed at me and you could be laughing at me too or wondering why I did that. Well our trip was almost 300 miles away. We woke up early and took our breakfast. You know these luxury Hotels Breakfast tables have a lot and its like everything is calling you “eat me please” So we packed our stomachs to the fullest and packed more for the trip aside. Guess what!! As we got somewhere a nature was calling and I needed to visit the toilet.  We borrowed that private behind room from the roadside local residence. These are toilets where they dig a hole and put strong trees on top of the whole leaving one small whole where you will pass all your shit from while squatting. Some are roofed others not depending on the household income but mine wasn’t roofed at all.

If you have ever pulled over to a far distance maybe with children or adults and nature calls and you start looking around for even an eucalyptus tree branches to help you and nothing can save you then all of a sudden you land on an old receipt in your bag or pocket then you will understand what am talking about. There are many things we rarely take into consideration. One of them is soft tissues or commonly known as Toilet papers while you are travelling.

From my experience as male traveler, in terms of hygiene there are key priority things I put on the list. Of course am not going to include women must carry things here although most of them are universal.  These are things you must pack in a different water proof bag since most of them need to be protected from weather effects of sunshine and rain. These 20 items will keep you going smoothly in any corner of the world and you will be a hygienic traveler. I will not talk about anything you have to wear as of now, maybe in my next article.

1. Sanitizers
These I came to learn about them when I was a guide back in the years. In Africa just like any other part of the world, the culture of greeting using handshakes is quiet unavoidable. Am not going to mention that some people scratch anywhere anytime or any part of their body…Did I say that? Never Mind but as you meet a food vendor you will just not remember to wash your hands. That’s where Sanitizers are handy. Most of them kill 99% of bacteria and you can just wash your hands without using soap and water.

2. Soft Tissues
This is another thing. As I had earlier mentioned this soft tissue or commonly called Toilet par is handy when nature calls and you have to visit what we have always called “back office” There are many brands on the Market but as for me I have always used “CLEAR” brand from Trust industries

3. Hand wash
This is liquid soap like but basically made for hands. Unlike sanitizes this works with water but can eliminate up to 90% of germs that cause diseases. The most common one is from Movit products Ltd in Uganda and Trust Industries Ltd Rwanda. It’s well formulated in a way that is soft on the skin and hands.

4. Facial tissues
These are sometimes called facial wipes. Some are wet with cleansing fluids or even spirit to kill germs and bacteria. But depending on one’s skin you can choose anything you are comfortable with. I recommend dry ones from Trust Industries LTD also with the “CLEAR” brand on it.

5. Mouth Wash. This is another handy product especially if you have mouth infections and small injuries. This helps you to cure that with the fastest spread. I love eating raw fruits especially sugarcane and get small injuries on the tongue and mouth walls. I recommend one without alcohol mixture in it. Please note that it doesn’t cure big cuts. If you get kindly visit a health facility nearby or consult your doctor.

6. Shower gel or anti bacterial Soap or water cleansing tablets
Water purifiers are more important than anything else. You may be travelling and you find there is no nearby shop to buy clean water to drink or even wash your hands. Am suing CLEAR brand made by Trust Industries Rwanda You wanna try it?

7. Hair Shampoo
Okay, to be honest I have a bald head. But to be honest its not all bald. Of course I have hair left. Dirtiness and maybe fun on the beach will never leave you hair the same as it is. So you will need to wash it thoroughly well for relaxation and softness of the hair. I normally carry my hair shampoo. Currently am using Movit hair shampoo which is available everywhere

8. Hair Drier
Of course after washing your hair you will suddenly need to keep it dry and most luxurious hotels or even mid luxury have this service. But wait I did not say they are not available but I said just in case you don’t find them. I have traveled to many mid luxury reports in Africa and only few of them had this. Others would charge for this service. So the most cost effective way is to carry your own and be at peace without necessarily moving out of your comfort zone or paying an extra dollar after the hefty room bill.

9. Shavers, Scissors and Razor blades
Apart from this being useful to keep your hair short where you don’t have time for saloon or where there is no saloon, its even essential to carry them because they are first aid kits. Besides these days there are many rechargeable kits all over the shopping malls.

10. After shave powder and lotions foam
This is very key because bodies react differently after shaving. You will need to apply this to avoid any possible pimples and rush that may develop. I have personally used Gillette brand for after shavers.

11. Body lotions, sun lotions and mouth washing liquid
Travelling to anew weather area can be tricky. Some areas have scorching sun yet others have too much humidity while others are freezing. Basically if you are a fan of water games like white water rafting we did recently at Adrift Uganda please don’t leave your sun and body lotions behind. Mouth was is the same because it protects your mouth from any infections. I swallowed around 5 liters of water at Adrift Uganda white water rafting adventure because of little experience in swimming and so was my co-host Daphine

12. Perfume
I am a man of good smell or scents. Of course I can’t rule out the fact that some people are allergic to some strong scents. So please be cautious of the brand you chose depending on where you want to go and who you want to go with. Personally I have a range of them but if am travelling alone I can use any strong one.

13. Insect repellent
I remember one day when we made a very long trip across Uganda with my friend and customer Mark Metternich in early 2017. Mark is is the CEO of Mark Metternich Photography. Everything was moving well but one small poisonous insect spoilt his mood that was a wasp. It’s a very small insect but the pain you carry after it pushes its sting in your flesh, I would rather carry an elephant and it’s understandable. Of course as a guide when you client isn’t that happy, you are not sure whether your tip will come or maybe listen to what you are telling him. That brings bad memories. But well for Mark he had a lot of humor and that came to pass easily and we were back to our moods. Don’t forget this because many other disease causing insects like flies and mosquitoes are common. You can get many of these in a local pharmacy. The good ones are liquids or sprayers you can use on your body or tent or even your clothes.

14. Sun Glasses
They help you on dusty roads and sometimes weather in some countries the sun is too bright. To most of us its even fashionable.

15. Cigarette bag that is separate if you smoke
Personally I don’t smoke but if you do most national parks and hotels have no smoking areas.

16. Sponge
Ever been to hotels that don’t provide this and you start looking at your pants? Please carry one.

17. Tooth brush and toothpaste
Some hotels do provide others don’t. Better to carry your own

18. Extra body and facial towel
This will be handy just in case you don’t get good accommodation and you have to camp. Most camping sites don’t provide this service.

19. Toilet cleaner
Ever gone to the toilet after the last person and all your problems are solved at the entrance? Some like CLEAR will even solve it better because they kill germs at the same time provide a nice scent since you deserve comfort everywhere on your trip.

20. Washing powder
Well, well once in a while you will need to wash small items. Dry powder is the best because soap may require another water proof container


10 Must Have For a Successful Group Tour in Rwanda, Number 2 & 3 Will Surprise You

Its early morning me and my friends decide to take a road trip from Kigali to Musanze found in northern Rwanda, then to Gisenyi and finally Nyungwe national park found in the western part of the country. Basically from the north to the south and finally settle to the west of the country. To be honest it’s one of the memorable trips we have taken during our recent trips in Rwanda.

7 of us decided to put together the little resources we had and took the road less travelled by many in Rwanda. What do I mean?  Camping, street food, budget food and budget accommodation in case we failed to get where to erect our tents. Let me first put for you the basic needs you need to pack before taking this kind of trip.

7 Seater Land cruiser provided by Amahoro Tours.

7 Seater Land cruiser provided by Amahoro Tours.


  1. Most of the trading centers and towns in Rwanda have markets but there is one problem. They sell locally produced foods like veggies and the likes. If you are a person who likes fresh food then don’t pack any because fresh food is available everywhere. But if you like manufactured food, please don’t leave the big towns like Kigali without packing enough. If your intention is to adventure and eat what you like at a minimum budget, this is the way to go.
  2. Cooking Gas. This is a must pack. These days we are lucky to have a variety of choices and different sizes that can fit your car boot or side car mobile store. For us we were lucky to grab one non-explosive cylinder from Safe Gas Rwanda. It’s a 12 Kgs gas cylinder with plastic cover to avoid scratches on your car in case you don’t have its holder and as you hear it its non-explosive meaning safer than the common metallic gas cylinders. Their stores are available everywhere in the country. I know you want to ask me gas for what? Of course we are looking at ways of saving your money on a trip and cook the best dish you want. Isn’t that a sweet thing? This you avoid hefty bills charged by hotels and restaurants and you still go unsatisfied. You can prepare you freekin finger leaking food anywhere anytime. You just stop and set up your kitchen in two minutes and the next five you are eating your food. No waiter, no chef and nor big bills after eating. It’s that simple!!!
  3. Gas stoves and cooking oil. Of course this is a cooking companion like all of you know that. We got one family stove from GLAMSTAR INTERNATIONAL Rwanda office with three stove cooking space and the best side of it is, it has a self ignition. So no need for matchboxes and whatever. Isn’t that a good thing? In the same store we found Mala cooking oil and we got ourselves a 5 liter jerry can. I bet we still have balance from the trip for all our families at home or maybe for the next two trips of the kind.
  4. 7 Seator car. Of course the number matters. You are well conversant that in Rwanda there is no excess passenger just like in any other part of the world. We had this 7 seator Monster from Amahoro Tours, the number one travel company in Rwanda. It has extra space behind for luggage, enough seating area and comfortable seats to make your trip memorable.
  5. Musanze is very cold and so is Nyungwe near Kivu Lake. Temperatures can go for as low as 15`c and some of us who are used to hot areas you can catch up a cold.
  6. Rain coats. These two areas of Rwanda are so surprising. In few minutes it rains and in the next few seconds it’s damn sunny. But most of the times it’s raining or drizzling. If not one of the two then it’s cold cloudy. We got some from Narayan Uniforms store located just after Chezlando round about in Remera on airport road. It’s the best so far we have used.
  7. Hiking shoes. Take this more serious please!!!! 90% this part of Rwanda is hilly and mountainous. Most of the places with fun or good adventure lie between 2,500 ft to 9,000 ft above sea level. All these places are steep and slippery or maybe with sharp volcanic dry lava stones. These we still got from Narayan uniforms store on the same address
  8. Walking stick. This we managed to get one on Rwanda development board offices but in case you are not comfortable with theirs which is locally made wood, then it’s better to carry yours. This will support you on the steep slopes while hiking the volcanoes, and steep hills of western Rwanda. At Gorilla Mountain view hotel in Musanze they are always kind enough to give you one if you request early enough from reception.
  9. Protective gear. These include helmets, gloves and more. We had a plan of visiting Musanze caves and many more jungles that are quiet risky on the body. Bats droppings for example can damage your skin. Bats are found in Musanze caves. You can still get this from Narayan Uniforms store. Good quality and reliable. At RDB reception in Musanze you can as well get some for park guests.
  10. Tents and beddings. Camping is not a common habit among Rwandans. But to be honest its even the most safest country you can go camping in Africa. You will not expect to find your shoes or side mirror of the car missing. You just need to let authorities know that you are around. Late in the evening we would see police and army patrolling the whole place and that would give us an assurance that we are safer. More still there are so many places all over that give you an option of setting up your own tent at an affordable cost. For example in Musanze we slept at Redrocks on a peanut budget. In Nyungwe we camped at Uwinka on the same size budget. Tents are available in many stores in Kigali.
Camping is Available at Red Rocks Rwanda on small budget.

Camping is Available at Red Rocks Rwanda on small budget.


I know now you are asking yourself that all this luxury how much did we spend? Well its just USD$960 for this 5 days trip 7 people. Including all everything. Unbelievable!! Isn’t it?

What do you think?

Watch our trip here in this episode –