HOTEL REVIEW: A Billion Views and Stay at Kyaninga Royal Cottages

My name is Darius. Am the Host of Travel With Darius TV Show. Unlike many of my peers who have no other aspiration than to draw their salary, raise a family and ensure that they keep out of any kind of trouble, I have always had a curious desire to explore my world. For this part of the world rewards travellers with fascinating cultural encounters with the numerous tribes that call this region home. Toro as known by many is home to the Rwenzori ranges

Darius pictured near Kyaninga Royal cottages in the Western region of Uganda.

My most recent trip to Toro, an archipelago that introduced me to the fascinating world of beautiful crater lakes, smart place and service beyond doubt.

Tucked away in close to the Rwenzori, Fort portal is 295 kilometers away from the Uganda’s main city Kampala. My recent stories gave me all the illusions to get on the road and go see this nature’s hidden paradise. As their slogan says, while at this eco retreat you will always enjoy and celebrate the gift of life amidst nature at its best.

A four to five hour drive is worth it as you go enjoying the magnificent views of Mityana tea estates, Mubende rolling hills among many other districts. But the sweetest of all is the Tea estates of Kyenjojo District that will look like Many Old Trafford stadiums put together before premiership games. Wait a minute, as we rolled near a small string of Kibale forest reserve you will always find friends waiting for you on the roadside for a piece of banana and then welcome you to Fort portal.

An 8 km turn from Kitumba town will take you to the magnificent Kyaninga Royal cottage Or call it a place with a billionaire view. What do I mean?

A billionaire’s Views
Ever been in your room and you are have views of a crater lake, Mt Rwenzori ranges or call it Mt. Stanley, and the beautiful plain of Kijura all in one package? I guess you are saying Never. It’s your turn to go and have the best taste of Toro at Kyaninga Royal Cottage. We left the Billionaire’s View and headed for a n quick lapse of some of attractions in the hood.

Darius pictured in one of the Kyaninga Royal Cottages. A good view of the crater lake.

Community walks, canoeing on Kyaninga Lake, and cycling on the lake side, nature walks are among the activities most tourists enjoy in while at Kyaninga. Evening sunsets are beautiful after your day to relax and feel the enchanting sounds of nature.

Ohhh my ohhhh my God don’t mention Joseph, Kharim, Isaac, Solomon and Abwoli as she prefers to be called. A young lady smiling all the time and quick to fix anything that goes wrong in your stay. I breathed a sigh of relief as I approached the parking lane and saw people coming running to meet and welcome me at Kyaninga Royal cottage after whole 5 and so hours on the road. Euchiiiii go check for yourself. My description is just an under description. You will come back with a better version than mine. To me it was warm and engaging and I took it personal.

Okay. This one is so personal. Every place I go to as a TV host I hit Kitchens to film. Ohhh dear the boy challenged me. At first looking at his age reminded me of my other boy at home who doesn’t know how to cut onions. In less than two minutes I had asked him all his CV because of the Thomas in me. Isaac you are such genius. Had he not told me his education level, before starting cooking sessions, I would have asked him how his Chef course ended in some of the world renown universities that train high end chefs. Never seen a local who understands everything intercontinental and local dishes like Isaac

On front of each room is the beautiful looking garden, crater lake and some fresh looking trees that attract birds for your nature diet. Each room is served with big windows overlooking either the crater or Mt. Stanley or sorry. Lol call it Rwenzori a name used by everyone. Rooms are big enough for you and trust me whether you are old or young you will enjoy your hide and seek game properly. The room where I slept had a big King size bed more than the one I have at home. Guess what they were two. Meaning I can use one during the day and another one at night or one half a day and the other half a day. It’s my choice, it’s my room. A family room is also available for people with a bigger family.

Kyaninga Royal Cottages – twin rooms.

Kyaninga Royal Cottages – rooms.

Getting there

DISTANCE: Approximately 295KM from Kampala to Fort Portal and 8KM from Fort Portal to Kyaninga Royal Cottage.

There are many buses leaving every one hour from Kampala to Fort portal and the Most prominent ones being

Fare is between 25,000 UGX to 30,000 UGX. Private transport can be arranged from any Tour operator of choice.

Estimated time is from 4:30 Minutes on the fastest speed and 5:00 hours when you make a lot of stop over for food and photography.

From USD$100 you celebrate the whole night with breakfast included.

Go have a life, Go celebrate the gift of life at Kyaninga Royal cottage!!!

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