HOTEL REVIEW: Getting Cozy With Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, the Perfect Countryside Retreats

Time check its 7:00 am Rwandan time and I receive a call from one of the world’s best Universities in the U.S.A with an office in Rwanda as Kepler University/Generation Rwanda.

Jane is their administrator who says that her asset is her job and I can choose to make it better or worse if she trusts me. We met and finished the whole plan of Transporting their staff to any cozy place good their team building and end of year retreat. Early morning a look at her face would tell me she waited for so long to get to this day. Seeing me was another promising thing that we have a deal.

Most of their staff are people who have travelled a lot from the States and Europe but when we reached at the boarder in Gatuna-the side of Rwanda, I would tell that everyone had questions. We made all immigration processes and everyone was ready and back on the bus. To cut the long story short we ended at this cozy place. Bunyonyi Safaris Resort.

he Lake Bunyonyi.

Hidden on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi its natures hidden paradise. A look on the lake itself and the many God crafted islands from the furthest point on the hill near Acadia cottages is an assurance that the fun is guaranteed. Before getting to the lake, you will ascend the meandering hills of Kabale on a 10 miles dusty road connecting Kabale town and this nature’s hidden paradise.

A traveler with Travel With Darius TV relaxing near Lake Bunyonyi.

Its exactly 1 pm Ugandan time and we are on what we can’t believe our eyes are seeing. And what’s that? Of course, the massive water body and the sound birds singing for us. Bunyonyi is a local name in the hills of Kabale language Rukiga meaning birds. Basically, this lake was called Bunyonyi meaning many small birds. A look in the neighborhood will give you an impression and all the answers why this lake is called so.

Darius (Red Hat) with a travel guest walking towards their rooms.

Arriving at the hotel we are welcomed by a beautiful looking lady with a glass of Juice made from passion fruits harvested in their own garden in the hills of Kigezi. Sounds sweet already. Isn’t it?

First thing that comes to your mind is the magnificent hotel structure touching the lake shores.

Bunyonyi Safaris Resort has one of the most luxurious rooms and cottages we have never seen in life from any of these places we have always roamed.

To Sandrine it was her first time to encounter even this luxury.

Their cottages are spacious enough that you may think it’s a whole house and to them it’s a room. Wowwwww what a big night we are waiting for !!!

Your evening will never be the same at Bunyonyi Safaris resort. You feel the wind, you hear the sound of enchanting nature. We love life and good life. But most importantly we love good food.

At Bunyonyi Safaris Resort it’s a guarantee not a choice. Their chef will prepare it in the most fastest speed possible