We understand the cost and benefits of viewership. Poor quality broadcast and bad quality can cost you a fortune of following and loose money. Relax !! We have a modern HD streaming system of high quality equipment and qualified staff to handle your concerts, product launches and conferences. Our state of the art technology has been tested in the wild where conditions are so harsh. What about here where it’s even easier. 

Trust us and we deliver you to the world LIVE in HD.

  1. Web Casting.
  2. Live Events Streaming.
  3. Equipment and Crew Hire.

Please feel free to contact Darius via his phone numbers or you can also visit him on the address and he shall be of glad to help you out.

My main contacts, by email address; OR and by telephone; +256 (0) 789 606315 or +250 (0) 782 556493.

Sending Direct Emails to Darius