Am a travel enthusiast, a travel guide, travel show host, content generator, travel influencer, travel trainer and lover of positive vibes. Let me tell you how I started all this while I was doing what I love most – TRAVEL WITH DARIUS (The parent company)

When I sat down I found out that serving others is the most rewarding thing in the whole world. I discovered we can always serve our communities in various ways. I chose to serve my global community through various free travel guides. You can choose to travel with me virtually and enjoy various foods, cultures, scenes and animals without necessarily packing your bags.  Darius TV LIVE was born to cater for that.

I actually found out that you can as well choose to get an affordable package of travelling with me behind the scenes or on a private arranged Safari in Africa. Having been among the best tour guides in Africa for the last 6 years. Darius Tours was born to cater for that. Here you want to be there physically which is even more rewarding.


Some people needed to buy Souvenirs and other gift items to take home and hang there or use to remind them of their African memories. Darius Stores was born to cater for those needs.


That equipment we use in DARIUS TV LIVE filming would sometimes be idle when we are not working. Some people needed to film and stream live their events. Yes, you heard it right. Darius Events Stream TV was born to cater for that.


Mornings  and Evenings in Africa are always better with a hot cup of coffee from the volcanic mountains of the western rift valley. At  Darius Coffee our vision is to be a company that partners with others to end child vulnerability globally through coffee and its people, related products, profits, services, spaces and stories. DARIUS COFFEE is here to cater for you. All you need is to send me direct emails on media@travelwithdarius.com or whatsapp +256789606315.


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