5 Days with Darius’ Trip to Iliza in Rwanda. Heaven on the Lake!!!

Darius’ day 1 on a trip to Iliza

I have always said this and I have to repeat it. When my peers were looking for settling down, marry, take care of families and be elders of my village my heart was beating for something else. I just vehemently and adamantly say yes, yes, yes that was the whole beginning of my relationship failure. Having married as a teen to another teenager when our lusts and passions were still boiling above 100 degrees centigrade, personally I could not settle in a place that didn’t have all I wanted to see. I mean yes, our relationship actually ended while I was on another continent while adventuring the world. But listen I can’t blame anyone for their passions but rather say every choice you make, please bear all consequences as a man. True!! I had to bear this and I have authored, accepted and followed the principle with much Catholicism to be a father of two products that came out of my mistakes and passion to roam the world.

Darius pictured on a Lliza Shuttle to Kibuye with the kids dressed by Top Kids Kigali store.

Darius pictured on a Lliza Shuttle to Kibuye with the kids dressed by Top Kids Kigali store.

To you I would advise you go with your rib everywhere you go or risk being a single teenage dad like me. In my world we were left three. Ntwari Darius Young (Male10 years), Ngabo Darius Neumann (Female 8 years) and myself. Our court member who left us alone, we can’t tell the long story here. Maybe another day. It’s been 8 years and we selfishly love ourselves just the way we are.  I happily call them my twins now. In the following few days I will take you on in our journey to ILIZA “Heaven on the Lake”

Darius pictured on a Lliza Shuttle to Kibuye with the kids dressed by Top Kids Kigali store.

Darius pictured on a Lliza Shuttle to Kibuye with the kids dressed by Top Kids Kigali store.

 Last week, my twins and I went on an adventure to the Western province of Rwanda with one of our friend. Call her Grace. We booked a 2 night Mini Cruise on Lake Kivu at the cheapest price we shall not disclose here on Iliza boat. Our price included a shuttle from Rwanda’s capital city Kigali to the remote western district of Karongi or call it Kibuye as known by many. When the bell rang for end of term 1 in Uganda I rushed to their school and picked them for an immediate transfer to Kigali, Rwanda where the shuttle was supposed to pick us.

After a very long journey of about 10 hours by bus we checked in at Impala Hotel a three star mid range accommodation facility in the middle of Kigali city. The check-in process was quick and easy. I think they must have seen how tired the kids were. Within 5 minutes we were done already heading to the rooms for a quick freshen up. I will talk about Impala Hotel rooms and service another day. Day one is gone and so far not bad. But well the fatigue of the long road trip from Kampala to Kigali could be easily noticed on the kids faces at a glance.

In town.

The New Impala Hotel in Muhima Kigali.

Darius’ Day 2 Trip to Iliza.

Our day two began with a sumptuous breakfast from Impala hotel. Besides that we are fresh and ready to have a quick optical nutrition of the most cleanest city in Africa if not the whole world. From Impala Hotel to the next street, the first mesmerizing thing we see is a well stone paved road that leads us to the magnificent CHIC building built in modern architecture that looks more like what we have always watched in Hollywood movies. Seeing the streets of Kigali one feels like it’s even safer and does more good to walk than to have a car or bike ride. Yes it is! Am nodding my head in agreement.

Kigali city view from CHIC building.

The New Impala Hotel in Muhima Kigali.

Kigali situated on a hilly area accommodates a number of shopping malls with banks, restaurants and much more to offer a foreigner coming to Rwanda even for the first time. Call it having all your shopping experience without necessarily leaving one building. At this point I just landed on a huge kids store located in one of the malls that house the central market or call it Nyarugenge market as told by locals. Basically you can find everything from food to wear from all types and souvenirs in this market.

Top kids store has everything for children. For parties, school, home and holiday fashions. Since we were out for a holiday basically my twins had to jump in for the best fashions to have on the boat.

Top Kids Store Kigali in Nyarugenge market.

Darius pictured in Top Kids Store Kigali in Nyarugenge market.

Our holiday bags are full and what next? Our transfer van was waiting. It’s a modern luxury family van of Volkswagen type. Asking our driver who came on time, he said we had a three and half hours drive rolling through the beautiful hills of Western Rwanda. It was an awesome journey. Disappearing into green ascents and descents. Roads are well paved but of course you will never miss some sections of the road that will give you a thorough African massage especially after crossing Nyabarongo river. The hills are above 1,600 meters above sea level and may take extra courage to maintain your brain balance while maneuvering these sharp bends.

The Darius' in Kibuye town heading to Iliza.

The Darius’ in Kibuye town heading to Iliza.

As we were still coming to an agreement on what we have seen, a big poster like gate welcomes you to Karongi on one side while wishing you a safe journey on the other. Quickly we jump out of the van to see how locals live. What about sharing with us the best fruits that Karongi hills offer?? When am travelling in my usual road trips I always look for small things that have a magnificent impact to me and my followers. Things that you can enjoy without breaking a bank. No doubt, Karongi people are generous people, they offered us guavas ( Amapera) in the local language. No doubt we enjoyed to the fullest.

Darius pictured eating guavas with the locals.

Darius pictured on a yacht with his children smart, dressed by Top Kids Store Kigali.

Karongi is so contagious. Clean roads and friendly people never make you feel like leaving the town. But well it was high time we checked in the sumptuous Iliza boat. From now onwards the trip became another story…………….See you next week for another round of my 5 days on Iliza, Heaven on the Lake.

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